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Difficult Situations

Coincidentally, just today I experienced a very trying situation- I was enroute to a funeral of a dear friend-had done my homework calling the bus line for directions, times, possible connections, and with all this in hand in the early morning, started my journey. My broken leg was hurting, I was tired, and very anxious to get to the service on time in an area of the city I had never been in. This is what happened;
The first bus was 20 minutes late, so I did not make the second connection as planned. I called Metro three times, and was hung up my call three times. Having no alternatives I decided nothing to do but wait until the next bus- it was 30 minutes late! I asked for directions from the bus driver and he had me walking up a long hill in the opposite direction of where I needed to be. I asked a passerby if they recognized the name of the private retirement home-they assured me “2 blocks down-then make a right”. So down the same hill my cast and I went, until I realized I had to make a right instead. When this was done, the building was there, but no one would answer a security bell outside the door. I finally banged on the glass door and an employee let me in, I asked for so and so’s funeral gathering, they sent me to the cafeteria! By this time, I am very late of course. What to do? I chose to sit down on a cafeteria bench, gather my composure and found myself laughing. I could see other folks looking my way, and surely thinking this babe has really lost it!! I rose up went to the reception desk, insisted on seeing their daily event list, and there it was-the name of my friend and the service.
I got to where I needed to be, trying to slip in quietly, and dropped my steel cane, which clunked to the floor..loudly!

I had a choice to get very angry, decide not to continue the journey, or allow myself to just catch my breath, and try once more.

The family after the service was very gracious, accepted my apology, and asked me to say a few words to honor my friend.
No preparation, no notes, but I decided to agree, and began with my friends sense of humor, and then told them what happened, and that Rachel would have laughed so hard she would have cried! I am happy to say the congregation of friends and family had her sense of wit, for everyone was laughing, tears were dried, and a renewed sense of hope replaced an event of despair.
You know what? I bet Rachel had a hand in all of this! Patricia

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Feasting With Friends

Your “Feasting With Friends” resonated strongly. My husband, teenage son and I are so “plugged in” that we found it difficult to set aside our mobile devices to even enjoy dinner together. We now have a rule – NO CELL PHONES or other devices at the table at meal times. We don’t even watch TV. We use meals as a way to celebrate and be grateful for our lives and each other; and to TALK with each other. This has really brought our family closer and is helping us work through some challenging issues that we’re facing.. as a family.

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Feasting with Friends

I am the one who turns off the phone more than turns it on, refuses to Text, Twitter or engage in Facebook, and finds the “cave” more comfortable in than out.

What you discovered in your coffee moment is exactly the cultural behavior I’ve been railing about (and lost several friendships, more or less, over) and find objectionable because it dilutes real face-to-face relationships and intimacy. Technology can become a slippery slope to unabashed distraction if constantly indulged.

Thanks for tackling the issue head on!

Melinda responding to “Feasting with Friends”

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