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Being present to another person is often the greatest offering you can make.

I was with a mother and son seeing one another for the first time since the mother had received news of having Stage Four cancer. They stood holding one another in a tight embrace. A few minutes later they held onto one another again.

Instead of pity, despair or anger they chose to be fully present to one another.

Through endless medical appointments and tests accompanied by a dear friend they processed their emotions and the options the mother faced.

In being present to one another their frankness about managing the cancer is laced with love about how to live and love through an experience that neither would have imagined. Being present to one another is the gift they offer in the midst of life being upended. How will you be present today?


  • Be present to someone you love today.

  • Be present to love and life bundled together in even the most difficult situations.

Notice how being present to another shifts your courage.

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