Wake Up Call! – Your Goodness



Living into your goodness invites others to do the same.

I once lived with the assumption that I was not as good as others. It was a sweeping assumption grounded in unexamined notions of unworthiness and harsh judgment. I assumed this was normal until I was challenged by the disconnect of it all.

I could choose to continue with such a half-life or begin to discover the goodness in me.

A wise person worked with me to name and celebrate the goodness within. With each naming my resistance mellowed and a new appreciation emerged as the new normal.

Instead of an exercise in narcissism I discovered that living into my goodness is an invitation to discover the goodness in others. What goodness will I be surprised by today?


  • Name and celebrate something good about you

  • Appreciate the good in another

Notice how you begin to live with a currency of goodness anticipated and cultivated.

Share a story about goodness here.

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