Wake Up Call! – Holiday Kindness



A simple word of kindness acknowledging another person is a gift to you both.

The store was busy and the sales clerk seemed frazzled. As I stood on line the customer in front of me vented her anger at not finding an item. When my turn arrived I said, “I’m so sorry that you had to endure that.”

I could have chosen to ignore the situation but it was difficult to not acknowledge the distress on the clerk’s face.

She choked back some tears and said, “It’s hard to deal with at the holidays but most people are nice.” As we spoke about her holiday plans as she rang up my purchase she said, “Thanks for bringing kindness into my day.”

Our brief chat transformed a transaction into a human connection. What other opportunities for kindness had I not noticed that day. Will I be open to the circle of human kindness in unexpected interactions today?


  • Be aware of those around you and the invitation to connect

  • Offer a kindness from your heart to another person today.

Notice how every act of kindness to another is a gift to you both.

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