Wake Up Call! – From Your Heart


Speaking from your heart expresses your engaged authentic self.

A friend of mine disturbed my day by saying, “When you speak from your heart the energy level and engagement is so different than when you are more cerebral.” That night as I prepared for two media interviews her words kept nagging at me.

I could have brushed off her observation but instead chose to pay attention to the truth she had spoken.

It’s easy for me to take refuge in the safe shelter of being cerebral. It’s a confining safety zone. I needed the disruption of being reminded that living and speaking from my heart space is a choice to be free.

The result was heartfelt and electric connection in the interviews. Will I gladly choose to speak from my heart today?


  • Choose to speak from your heart

  • Offer thanks for the heart space connections that emerge

Notice the freedom and connection with others that speaking from your heart invites.

Share a story about speaking from your heart here.

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