Wake Up Call! – Life-Giving Energy?


The energy of those we choose to surround ourselves with affects our spirit.

I was at a party and found myself feeling drained of positive energy. I was surprised. Then I realized that those I was talking to exuded negative energy. They were guests who felt obligated to be present and every utterance cast a net of negativity seeking to draw others into its clutches.

I could have tried to rescue the situation but instead chose to detach from it hoping for their well-being.

After taking a walk outside and inhaling the crisp air I began to feel centered. Back inside I was intuitively seeking out those whose energy was life-affirming.

The result was a reminder that my own spirit is often more deeply affected by the energy of others than I realize. Choosing to be with those whose authenticity is rooted in compassion, imagination, playfulness and love feeds my energy. How will I choose today?


  • Be aware of the energy of those you choose to be with

  • Pay attention to who enlivens your spirit

  • Express gratitude for the life-giving energy in you

Notice how enlivened you are when you choose to be part of a circle of life-giving energy.

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