Wake Up Call! – Imagination of the Universe


We are each made in the imagination of the Universe.

As a child I was captivated by the biblical stories my maternal grandmother told me. They were tremendous stories bringing alive the landscape and people from her place of birth in Nazareth, Palestine. Years later I discovered that her stories were largely the product of her imagination.

I could have chosen to question why she had created them but instead realized that her lively imagination was at work revealing ancient wisdom and truth to me.

Somewhere around the age of six to eight many of us were told to “stop being so silly” in using our imagination. My grandmother revealed to me that cultivating our imagination reminds us that we are made in the imagination of the ever-creating, ever-expanding Universe.

The result is awe at the ways in which imagination invites me to see beyond a particular circumstance. Awe at those who imagine how things might be and then act on it. I’m filled with wonder at how the Universe needs and invites us to be imaginative participants in life.


In your life:

  • Seek out those who cultivate and use their imagination

  • Be aware of the Universe’s invitation to be imaginative

  • Celebrate each moment of cultivating and trusting imagination alive in you.

Notice how imagination enlivens your relationship with those around you and your participation in a creating Universe

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