Word for the Year

After reading Robert’s invitation to adopt a word for the year, I immediately thought I’d like to do that too. I considered some of the suggestions, but none resonated within me. Rather than become anxious about it, I decided to remain open and trust that my word would manifest itself.
On New Year’s Eve I decided to post a message on Facebook. As I wrote, “May God be our compass in 2013,” I instantly knew that “compass” was the right word for me.
I’ve decided to devote more time to develop my spiritual and physical well-being. Several days later I received a call from the school district from which I retired nearly two years ago. They asked me to consider a long-term sub job. Easily motivated by a bump in income, part of me was already calculating how much I could earn. However, the part of me that doesn’t want distractions from my desire for more wholeness allowed me to tell the caller I needed to think about it before giving an answer. The pressure was on since they would be conducting interviews the next two days. I hung up and felt conflicted. Many years ago, I lived hand to mouth. At times that has caused me to be preoccupied with having enough money. Coincidently, my stepdaughter called and we talked about the prospect of my returning to a full-time job. As soon as I started telling her about my word for the year, I knew I had to decline the offer. My “compass” steered me in the right direction. I felt at peace with my decision and haven’t second-guessed myself as I had been prone to do. Thank you, God, for being my true compass.

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