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Your Freedom to Shine

Robert V. Taylor

Robert V. Taylor

An Independence Day reflection from Wake Up Call! the weekly resource with tools for a spirituality of becoming fully alive on your daily journey

The freedom to shine is one of the marks of the spiritual journey.

I always look forward to Independence Day. Raised in a country where the ideals of liberty, justice and freedom were squashed by the government I cherish what July Fourth stands for as much as I enjoy the holiday barbeques and fireworks. I reflect each year on what it means to be part of a country where these ideals are a common bond.

I could just leave it at that which would not be a bad thing to do! Instead I allow this holiday to be an invitation to think about what freedom means on my journey.

This year I am thinking about what I am free from in my life – free from government intervention in my spiritual journey or that of others. I’m also thinking of what I am freed for – free to be as authentically human as I was born to be.

The result is renewed appreciation for my freedom from and my freedom to be. It brings new awareness to the truth that our spirituality is marked by being fully alive. This is no small thing to me because my consciousness and actions are then invited to be in harmony with this same truth for others.  


In reflecting on your freedom:

  • Name your freedom to shine and be authentically human
  • Reflect on what your freedom means for your consciousness and actions
  • Celebrate freedom as a treasured gift

Notice how your awareness shifts as you are mindfully awake to freedom’s invitation.

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